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Sensing Presence By Joseph Cyr

Renewed energy, vitality, joy -- these are all ours in springtime. And they are also ours through yoga!  Yoga teachers remind us to "Be present", "Be aware in this moment".  This month we thank Joseph Cyr, a Westfield Yoga Center member and our guest blogger, for sharing his gratitude for the gifts of yoga, and springtime, in SENSORY PRESENCE.

In spring, the dawn awakens life. I hear birds awaken and sing their songs of joy and vitality. I see the colors so beautifully expressed by the blooming flowers and trees. Blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange, red, and green of course. As we look towards the neighbor’s yard, my darling points out the vibrant red tulips that have sprung from the earth to trumpet their colorful anthem.

In spring, the dawn brings a sense of change. I feel the familiar cool breeze touch my skin, yet I bask in the light of the sun who now carries the warm touch I so desperately longed for on those short winter days. Even my nose agrees that change is in the air. I smell the scent of freshly cut grass and the dew on those new leaves on the Maple. The flowers beg to be smelled by the passerby, but hurry because the bees will be here soon to do their vital deed.

I taste the honey in my morning tea, I thank those bees for the work that they do. The flavor of a mint leaf stimulates the senses so vividly on this spring morning. Yes, this changing season has brought an awakening of life that I so dearly yearned for.

I feel an energy renewed and a sense of joy that my five senses experience for me on this spring dawn. This is the beauty of being present and experiencing the change of each new day.



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