Yoga Nidra

Led by Sally Barber

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This program can transform the quality of your life!


Expect to:
Dissolve the root causes of stress and 
Disengage from restrictive patterns in your life.
Gain insights and inspiration as well as
Redesign your destiny. 

 Yoga Nidra is an ancient form of meditation which is sometimes referred to as yogic sleep.  Transformative sleep!  You will be verbally guided into a relaxed state allowing your body and mind rest deeply. Although deep and meaningful, there is no efforting:  the most challenging aspect of yoga nidra is not to fall asleep!  In yoga nidra's integrated state, your energy taps into the power of Source, bringing healing and peace into your life.  

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To be held at the Westfield Yoga Center

94 N Elm Street - Suite 211, Westfield, MA 01085

This  hour long class is offered at two times

Thursday Morning Sept.23, 2021

10:30 AM

or later the same day

Thursday Evening Sept. 23, 2021

7:30 PM


Members use their prepaid class packages

Eight class package members deduct $10 from their package for each class attended

Sixteen class package members deduct $9 from their package for each class attended

 Non-members pay $14 the day of the class

(cash, checks debit or credit cards)

Payments are made the day of the program.

Pre-registration is required
E-mail or call the Westfield Yoga Center to pre-register *** (413)-568-8989

A sign-up sheet is also available

in the Westfield Yoga Center waiting room

You can also register Online Click Here