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Our Talented Teachers



Sally Barber has been sharing her passion for yoga with adults, teens and children for more than half of her adult life. As an Occupational Therapist (MS, OTR,) she is uniquely able to guide those of all levels of abilities to receive and enjoy the benefits of yoga.  She is co-owner of the Westfield Yoga Center and an Advanced Level Yoga Instructor with certifications in the Kripalu and Amrit Yoga methods.


Her personal mission is to maximize the health and well being of each individual and he community at large through the medium of yoga.  


Sally also offers CranioSacral Therapy at the Westfield Yoga Center.

Sally Barber
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Yoga and Meditation have been an integral part of Chaitali's life for approximately 20 years.  They have served an important part in her journey of healing from emotional and personal challenges.  Chaitali completed the Yoga Teacher Training program at Karma Yoga in West Springfield, MA. and is registered with Yoga Alliance.  She lives in Westfield and works as an Academic Counselor in TRIO STEM H-S at Holyoke Community College.


Chaitali enjoys leading Hatha Yoga classes which emphasize gentle movements, breathwork (pranayama), and meditation.  She also loves teaching meditation classes in which she guides students to explore different types of breathing and styles of meditation.  A specialty that she has is developing meditation practices to suite the lifestyles of individual students, especially novices.  Additionally, Chaitali incorporates mantras and mudras (hand positions) for students to experience in their practice.  


As one whose career has been in higher education, Chaitali is uniquely able to meet students exactly where they are.  And students are sure to receive clear, detailed instructions during her classes. Chaitali looks forward to sharing her knowledge and providing a very authentic practice for everyone.

Lenny Burlingame


Lenny Burlingame started his study of body movement arts through martial arts training in 1980 and has been consistently studying, training and teaching for over 40 years  and has Advanced Teacher Certification. 


The main focus of his training for nearly 35 years has been in the  arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua and Qigong with most devoted to Tai Chi Chuan.  Lenny has also received black belts in Kenpo Karate and Modern Arnis.  Lenny continues to teach, study and train along with participating in numerous seminars, workshops and lessons to further his skills in Tai Chi and to share openly.


Lenny is the founder of Whip City Tai Chi (visit  Lenny also offers a simple self defense program, harmonica qigong and private lessons.

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Anna Guarco



Anna has been practicing yoga since she was a teen.  She earned her certification to instruct from the Kripalu School of Yoga in 2009, and later returned for a second certification in SuperHealth Yogic Science. She is also a writer, an artist, a Reiki Master, a CranioSacral Therapist, and a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner - with a bachelors degree in Health Arts and Science. Yoga and the holistic arts have been vital practices in her life for decades to manage chronic pain, illnesses, and disabilities - and to foster her recovery from grief and trauma. She lives in Granby, CT with her daughter. 

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Judy Harvester


Judy Harvester moved to Westfield shortly after becoming certified as a Yoga Instructor in 2003.  She studied with Steffi L. Shapiro of the Well Street Station in Watertown, MA. (Shapiro's chair yoga practice is widely available on CD and video.)  Judy has a gift for adapting yoga poses to those who are unable to sit, kneel, lie on or rise from the floor. Her dedication to the practice of yoga for anyone's body endears her to individual students and provides a valuable service to the community. 


Judy is certified as an Infant Massage Instructor through IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) and has taught  infant  massage through Early Intervention programs.

Melissa J.



Melissa first discovered yoga as a young teenager. Her love for yoga grew exponentially as she practiced on into her adult years.  She found herself naturally incorporating yoga into parenting her two boys as well as into her fitness and nutrition work with elementary school children.  This led her to complete the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Yoga Sanctuary in Northampton, MA.


Melissa welcomes practitioners of all levels and creates a safe environment for them to be comfortable with their self-exploration.  She expertly combines breath and movement as she guides students through their practice.  This ultimately allows them to find peace within themselves.


Melissa loves bringing the healing and nourishing aspects of yoga to everyone.  She knows yoga to be a joyful practice - one which she looks forward to sharing with you.

Laura Kessler



The importance of yoga in Laura's life is reflected in her passion for teaching.  She credits yoga with infusing her life with strength, flexibility, and fearlessness.  These qualities have served her well throughout the years - both on and off the mat.

Laura's yoga journey leads her to stay in the present and live each moment with compassion.  So, too, she guides and inspires students along their personal path:  a path of health and well being; of joy and peace.  Laura's 200 hour yoga teacher training at Health Yoga Life in Boston, MA. provided a framework to complement her love of the heart and spirit of yoga.


Laura enjoys time with family, hiking and gardening.  But she enjoys nothing more than connecting with people, sharing the wonderful practice of yoga and walking together towards enlightenment.

Jolie Therrien
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Jolie shines with Yoga!  And she loves sharing yoga with everyone!  Within a few months of starting yoga, she noticed reduced anxiety, lessening of depression, reduced physical pain and increased flexibility, all as a result of her personal practice.  As she was feeling better every day, Jolie knew in her heart she wanted to guide others to a healthier life.  Thus, she became a yoga instructor receiving her certification through HeartNSoul Yoga Therapy in Hadley MA.

​It is her passion to guide others in the journey of connecting mind, body, and spirit through a yoga practice.  Jolie is certified in Trauma Sensitive Hatha Yoga.  Additionally, Jolie is a Reiki Master and accomplished player of Crystal Bowls.  She also holds certifications in Qigong Infused Yoga   ,    Hypnobliss    Yoga Nidra, and Thai Bodywork.  Her dedication to healing others is evident in her consistent volunteer work at a local recovery center.

It is a joy for Jolie to assist others to clear blockages and find their inner light.  She teaches from the heart, combining knowledge with creativity and laughter.  Her goal in each class is for every student to leave with deeper understanding, to be healthier, and to feel more content.  All are welcome. 

Let's Shine Together!

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