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How to attend a Weekly Ongoing Class

For either Yoga or Tai Chi classes


Choice #1


Become A Member

You can become a member of the Westfield Yoga Center by purchasing a package of classes. 

Two prepaid class packages are available:​

Eight classes for $80

(only $10 per class)


Sixteen classes for $144

(Wow, only $9 per class)


Note: A special one-time New Member Introductory package is also available for those

new to our yoga studio.

Three yoga or tai chi classes for $24

(only $8 per class)

  • You do not make payments online for prepaid packages. Payments for prepaid packages are made in person at the yoga studio when you attend a class. We accept cash, checks, or credit/debit cards.

  • As a Member, you can register for a permanent roster slot in the weekly ongoing class, or multiple classes, of your choice. After a registrant is added to the permanent roster of their chosen class(es) they need not register each week. A permanent member’s spot is protected in that class(es) unless they ask to be removed from the permanent roster.

  • Members can also drop-in to other weekly ongoing classes they are not permanent members of, space permitting. No pre-registration is necessary to attend a weekly ongoing class as a drop-in.


  • One class is deducted from your prepaid account each time you attend a class from our weekly ongoing class schedule. Attendance is taken by the class instructor at all weekly ongoing classes in order to keep a member's prepaid account up to date.

  • You are charged only for classes you attend and your prepaid package has no expiration date!  We notify you by email when it's time to replenish your prepaid account.

  • To be added as a permanent member to the class(es) of their choice, members can register in-person, by phone (413)-568-8989 by email ( or online​​


If you cannot commit to attending a weekly class on a consistent basis (75%+ of the time), please don't register for a permanent class slot. Instead, Choice #2  is recommended (see below).



Choice #2

Attend  yoga or tai chi classes on a Drop-In Basis

As a drop-in, pre-registration is not required. Just show up

and pay when you arrive.

However, check the schedule as some classes are closed to drop-ins due to studio space limitations.


The fee for a drop-in class;


Deduct one class from their prepaid class package at a rate of $10, $9 or $8 per class depending on which prepaid package they have.

Non-Member Fee - $12 per class

Non member payments are by cash, check or debit/credit card; and  are made in the studio when the class is attended. 

Payments for  drop-in classes are NOT made online in advance.


Weekly Ongoing Class Schedule



9:00 AM  Beyond the Basics  with Sally 


11:00 AM  Gentle Yoga  with Sally 

5:45 PM   Beyond the Basics with Sally 


7:30 PM   Beyond the Basics  with Sally 


9:00 AM   Beyond the Basics  with Jolie

11:00 AM Beyond the Basics   with Sally 

5:45 PM  Beyond the Basics   with Melissa  

This class's permanent roster is filled.

Drop-ins, please contact us to check on availability of space before attending.



9:00 AM  Beyond the Basic  with Sally 


11:00 AM  Gentle Yoga  with Sally 

4:00 PM  Beyond the Basics  with Sally

5:45 PM Yoga Basics with Sally


9:00 AM  Beyond the Basics  with Laura 


10:30 AM   Tai Chi with Lenny

4:15 PM  Beyond the Basics  with Melissa


5:45 PM  Beyond the Basics  with Melissa   



9:00 AM  Beyond the Basics   with Sally


11:00 AM  Gentle Yoga  with Judy  


Click Here to reserve a permanent roster slot in the Weekly Ongoing Yoga or Tai Chi class(es) of your choice

Beyond the Basics
Yoga Basics

Class Descriptions​


Gentle Yoga

All levels, beginners through experienced

A gentle, but complete yoga experience.  Suitable for all including those with physical limitations.  Chairs available as needed.

Beyond the Basics
All levels of experienced yoga practitioners

Beyond the Basics classes are ideal for those with prior exposure to yoga. The content of each class   varies, building upon the basics.  You may hold poses longer, flow through sequences, learn special yogic breaths, and/or experience more challenging variations of common yoga postures. Your energy will be renewed as you become stronger and more flexible.  You will find that Beyond the Basics classes leave you refreshed and relaxed.  
Each WYC teacher offers this class in a different way depending on their personal style and on the students that are in the room.

Yoga Basics

Whether you are brand new to yoga or feeling a bit "rusty" after time away from practicing, Yoga Basics classes are for you! 


What are some of the reasons that students might choose Yoga Basics classes?

  • They're not sure if yoga is right for them

  • They don't think they can even "do yoga"

  • They've always wanted to try a yoga class

  • They've been injured or ill and want to ease back into their practice

  • They'd like to refresh their skills after an absence

Each Yoga Basics class is taught by a caring and compassionate teacher who has years of experience. Basic postures and yogic breathing techniques are presented with suggested alternatives to suit your unique abilities and needs. There is nothing for you to know ahead of time and there is no need to stress over remembering anything. Clear and detailed instructions are always presented. Every class includes a guided period of deep relaxation to assure a wonderfully balanced, holistic experience.  You are welcome to begin your weekly Yoga Basics classes at any time. How long you continue with Yoga Basics is entirely up to you. Whenever you feel ready, you may transition into any other classes or programs that suite you.  

Tai Chi

An Open Tai Chi class for all levels of experience

The class includes gentle integrated rhythmic movements and centering practices. The following topics are discussed in class: how to integrate Tai Chi into daily activities, keys to postural alignment, relaxation techniques, purpose and the health benefits of Tai Chi including improved balance, joint mobility, suppleness, range of motion, mental health, stress reduction and physical applications. A mix of serious study and downright fun! 

Tai Chi
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