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Tai Chi

 Tai Chi

At the Westfield Yoga Center

Led by Lenny Burlingame

Owner of Tai Chi & Evolving Traditions

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Teacher Bio


Lenny Burlingame started his study of body movement arts through martial arts training in 1980 and has been consistently studying, training and teaching for over 40 years  and has Advanced Teacher Certification. 


The main focus of his training for nearly 35 years has been in the  arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua and Qigong with most devoted to Tai Chi Chuan.  Lenny has also received black belts in Kenpo Karate and Modern Arnis.  Lenny continues to teach, study and train along with participating in numerous seminars, workshops and lessons to further his skills in Tai Chi and to share openly.


Lenny is the founder of Whip City Tai Chi (visit  He also offers a simple self defense program, harmonica qigong and private lessons.

Weekly Ongoing Tai Chi Classes 

At the Westfield Yoga Center

With Lenny Burlingame


5:45 PM to 7:00 PM 



10:30 AM to 11:45 AM

Open Tai Chi classes

for all levels of practitioners

Weekly Ongoing Tai Chi classes include gentle integrated rhythmic movements and centering practices. The following topics are discussed in class: how to integrate Tai Chi into daily activities, keys to postural alignment, relaxation techniques, purpose and the health benefits of Tai Chi including improved balance, joint mobility, suppleness, range of motion, mental health, stress reduction and physical applications. A mix of serious study and downright fun!      

Visit this link for Tai Chi class fees, and how to register for a Tai Chi class.

A Taste of Tai Chi 

This class is designed for Beginners

Facilitated by

Lenny Burlingame

What to Expect

The theme of this class is to bring slow rhythmic movements in harmony with the breath to promote deep relaxation.  We will explore releasing, also known as sung, through soft, smooth, circular, spiral and rhythmic  movements. Sung is a principle in Tai Chi that can be experienced without learning the complexities of a Tai Chi form.  We will explore how these ideas can be integrated into daily life and, if desired, in learning a Tai Chi Form.  Open conversation among class participants will lead the direction of the information shared.  This class requires no prior Tai Chi experience just a willingness to learn.


Upcoming program date

Thursday Morning 

9:00 AM till 10:15 AM

December 7, 2023


Members use their prepaid class packages:

Eight class package members deduct $10 from their package.

Sixteen class package members deduct $9 from their package.

Non-members pay $12

Pre-registration is Required

Call or email to register

(413)-568-8989 *** E-mail

A sign-up sheet is also available

in the Westfield Yoga Center waiting room.

You can also register online Click Here

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