Weekly Ongoing Class Schedule

As revised effective 01/01/2021

Due to coronavirus concerns, the number of class participants is limited.  Therefore, registration is required for weekly ongoing classes.


9:00 AM  Beyond the Basics  with Sally  - 1 slot is available

11:00 AM  Gentle Yoga  with Sally - 2 slots are available

4:00 PM  Beyond the Basics  with Sally - 3 slots are available

5:45 PM  Flow Yoga  with Emily - Slots are available


7:30 PM  Beyond the Basics  with Sally - Slots are available


9:00 AM  Flow Yoga with Emily - Slots are available

11:00 AM Beyond the Basics with Sally - Slots are available

5:45 PM  Beyond the Basics  with Melissa - Waiting list only

6:00 PM Beginners Yoga with Sally - Waiting list only


7:30 PM  Gentle Yoga  with Judy - Slots are available


9:00 AM  Beyond the Basics  with Sally  1 slot is available

11:00 AM  Gentle Yoga  with Sally - 1 slot is available

4:00 PM  Beyond the Basics  with Sally - 1 slot available

5:45 PM   Flow Yoga  with Laura - Slots are available

7:30 PM  Beyond the Basics  with Sally - Slots are available


9:00 AM Flow Yoga  with Laura - Slots are available


4:00 PM Beyond the Basics  with Melissa - Slots are available


5:45 PM  Beyond the Basics  with Melissa - Waiting list only 


9:00 AM  Beyond the Basics  with Sally- 2 slots available 

11:00 AM  Gentle Yoga  with Judy - 2 slots available

Two registration options are available.

1.   Join the weekly class or classes of your choice.

Register for the specific class(es) of your choice.  Registering assures your space in your class(es) each week. Registrants are added to the permanent roster of their chosen class and need not register each week. We understand there are situations such as vacations, work, illnesses etc. that necessitate missing class.  While you will not be charged for missed classes, we appreciate being informed in advance if you know you'll be out. This allows  us to accommodate as many drop-in participants as possible.  If you cannot commit to attending a weekly class on a consistent basis, please consider option 2 below instead.

For class fees to attend a weekly class - Click Here

2.   Attend a class as a Drop-In.

 Anyone wishing to attend a single class as a drop-in is asked to email the studio in advance (westfield.yoga@verizon.net) or call Tom (at 413-485-8378) to verify that there is space available in the class you would like to attend.  Please note, since enrolled students inform us in advance when they know they will be absent, even if there is a waiting list, there may be space available to drop in.  The drop-in fee (for those without a prepaid package) is $14. Payments are with cash, or by check or debit/credit card; they are made in the studio when the  class is attended. 

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To Register

Class Descriptions


Gentle Yoga

All levels, beginners through experienced

A gentle, but complete yoga experience.  Suitable for all including those with physical limitations.  

Chairs available as needed.

Beyond the Basics
All levels of experienced yoga practitioners

Beyond the Basics classes are ideal for those with prior exposure to yoga.  The content of each class   varies, building upon the basics.  You may hold poses longer, flow through sequences, learn special yogic breaths, and/or experience more challenging variations of common yoga postures. Your energy will be renewed as you become stronger and more flexible.  You will find that Beyond the Basics classes leave you refreshed and relaxed.  
Each WYC teacher offers this class in a different way depending on their personal style and on the students that are in the room.

Flow Yoga
All levels of experienced yoga practitioners

While exploring traditional yoga postures and practices, this class  consists of warm-ups followed by posture flow sequences and poses for core strengthening.  These are interspersed with longer held postures for an even deeper experience.  Breath is linked with movement as introspection, integration, and empowerment are emphasized.  A longer, meditative cool down (savasana) completes the yoga experience.

Beginners Yoga

Whether you are brand new to yoga or feeling a bit "rusty" after time away from practicing, Beginners Yoga classes are for you! 


What are some of the reasons that students might choose Beginners Yoga classes?

  • They're not sure if yoga is right for them

  • They don't think they can even "do yoga"

  • They've always wanted to try a yoga class

  • They've been injured or ill and want to ease back into their practice

  • They'd like to refresh their skills after an absence

Each Beginners Yoga class is taught by a caring and compassionate teacher who has years of experience. Basic postures and yogic breathing techniques are presented with suggested alternatives to suit your unique abilities and needs. There is nothing for you to know ahead of time and there is no need to stress over remembering anything. Clear and detailed instructions are always presented. Every class includes a guided period of deep relaxation to assure a wonderfully balanced, holistic experience.  You are welcome to begin your Beginners Yoga classes at any time. How long you continue with Beginners Yoga is entirely up to you. Whenever you feel ready, you may transition into any other classes or programs that suite you.