Weekly Ongoing Class Fees

Two Choices 

1)  Join the weekly class or classes of your choice.

All classes are by advance registration only and participants maintain a prepaid class account

with the Westfield Yoga Center. 

Those currently without a prepaid account can purchase a class package the day of their first class.

We accept cash, checks, credit cards and debit cards.   We do not take payments online.  

Two packages are available:

Eight classes for $80 ($10 per class)


Sixteen classes for $144 ($9 per class)

One class will be deducted from your prepaid account each time you attend a class.

You are charged only for classes you attend and there is no expiration date.

We notify you by email when it's time to replenish your prepaid account. 

2)  Attend a class as a Drop In

Drop In Fee - $12 per class

Anyone wishing to attend a single class as a drop-in is asked to email the studio in advance (westfield.yoga@verizon.net) or call Tom (at 413-485-8378) to verify that space is available in the class you would like to attend.  Due to coronavirus concerns, space is limited in our classes.

The fee for a drop-in class is $12, to be paid the day of the class by cash, check or debit/credit card.

Click Here to see our weekly class schedule and class descriptions and to register.