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Our weekly Ongoing Class schedule

You can use the search bar to narrow your search. For example:  type a first teacher's name into the search box to obtain a listing of only their classes(to return to the full schedule just clear the teacher's name from the search box) To learn more about our teachers, check out their bios and to read more about our class fees click here.  Also download our printable schedule here

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Class Descriptions

Class descriptions

The Basics
New to yoga or looking for a refresher

Each Basics class is taught by a caring and compassionate teacher who has years of experience. Basic postures and yogic breathing techniques are presented with suggested alternatives to suit your unique abilities and needs. There is nothing for you to know ahead of time and there is no need to stress over remembering anything. 

Gentle Yoga
All levels, beginners through experienced

A gentle, but complete yoga experience.  Suitable for all including those with physical limitations.  

Chairs available as needed.

Beyond the Basics
All levels of experienced yoga practitioners

Beyond the Basics classes are ideal for those with prior exposure to yoga.  The content of each class   varies, building upon the basics.  You may hold poses longer, flow through sequences, learn special yogic breaths, and/or experience more challenging variations of  common yoga postures.  Your energy will be renewed as you become stronger and more flexible.  You will find that Beyond the Basics classes leave you refreshed and relaxed.  
Each WYC teacher offers this class in a different way depending on their personal style and on the students that are in the room.

MELT Beyond the Basics
All levels of experienced MELT practitioners

A class for experienced MELTers. Notice changes in your body every time you MELT!  Attend this class regularly and continue to tap into the amazing healing potential your body already possesses! Those new to MELT should contact Kerrie Bodendorf - Master MELT Trainer ( for options available for beginner MELTers

Tai Chi
All levels of experienced Tai Chi practitioners

Performed mostly standing, classes consist of warming movements, guidance for centering the body and mind, Chi Kung exercises, standing  postures, and Part 1 of the Yang Style Tai Chi Chaun Form. A non-competitive, non-aggressive environment is created. Students are encouraged to go at their own pace  Each class includes discussion, serious study, and fun, too. 

Tai Chi
Beyond th Basics
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