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Thai Yoga Bodywork and Reiki

With Jolie Therrien

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As a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Level I Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioner Jolie is committed to each individual's healing needs,  

Jolie is passionate about empowering others to come to a better understanding about how they relate to themselves through their own life journey. She is also trauma sensitive trained, compassionate and gentle. Always insuring you have a safe non-judgmental confidential space to release any and all emotions that may arise.

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Rei (universal) ki (vital life force energy)


Reiki is a type of Qi healing where the practitioner uses their hands as an energy channel. The energy flows through the practitioner to the client to activate the bodies natural healing power. This practice is known to aid in healing physical, emotional, spiritual and mental ailments.

By placing hands on or above the body guiding the flow of energy, space can open up for more healing & a positive transformation.

Reiki promotes relaxation, balance, clarity and well-being.

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Session Fees:

Initial  Session

+ intake


Additional Sessions


WYC Members 

Only $60


Thai Yoga Bodywork combines rhythmic massage and stretching which allows your body and mind to relax.  By stimulating pressure points to open your body's energy pathways, it allows for your body to heal.

  • relieves pain and tension

  • reduces headaches

  • increases energy

  • enhances range of motion

  • improves sleep quality 


The session lasts approximately 75 minutes on a thick mat.  Please dress comfortably.

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Thai Yoga Bodywork

Session Fees:

Initial  Session

+ intake


Additional Sessions


WYC Members 

Only $80.00

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