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Partners Yoga
Yoga Nidra

Sound Meditation
Led by Jolie Therrien

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Sound Meditation
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What to Expect

Dress comfy, bring your favorite pillow and blanket.  Allow yourself to drift away in between the blissful vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls and Reiki healing energy.  Melt away stress & anxiety, while improving your sleep and mental well being.


To be held at the Westfield Yoga Center

94 N Elm Street - Suite 211 Westfield, MA 01085


This class is offered 

Thursday Evening 7:30 PM

November 10, 2022


Members use their prepaid class packages:

Eight class package members deduct $10 from their package.

Sixteen class package members deduct $9 from their package.

Non-members pay $12, payment to be made the night of the class.

Pre-registration is Requested

Call or email to register

(413)-568-8989 *** E-mail

You can also register online Click Here

A sign-up sheet is also available

in the Westfield Yoga Center waiting room.

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