Gentle Yoga and Crystal Bowls

with Sally Barber and Shirley Landry

Come to Gentle Yoga and Crystal Bowls to release tension, reduce pain, and ease anxiety.  Taken separately, either the yoga postures or the vibrations of the bowls foster health and well being.  When combined, the healing powers are greatly enhanced, becoming uniquely beneficial for each individual.  
     Join with others for a very personal experience of harmony and unity.  Let the coupling of guided yoga movements and soothing vibrations bring you to a state of deep peace.

Sally Barber

Sally is an Advanced Level yoga teacher in Kripalu/Amrit Yoga style. She is convinced that yoga can benefit everybody.  As an  occupational therapist, Sally is skilled in tailoring yoga to each  individual’s unique situation. Her intention is to help people achieve their highest sense of well-being through the practice of yoga as meditation in motion. 

Shirley Landry

Shirley is the owner of Point Of Light Healing in     Easthampton, MA.  She offers monthly meditations and remote healing sessions with crystal bowls and Reiki.  For more information, please visit her at 


To be held at the Westfield Yoga Center
94 N Elm Street - Suite 211, Westfield, MA 01085

Friday December 6, 2019
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM  

    Fee:  $20 
Pre-registration requested
E-mail or call the Westfield Yoga Center to pre-register

 E-mail: *** (413)-568-8989

A sign-up sheet is also available

in the Westfield Yoga Center waiting room



Payments to be made the day of the workshop
by cash, check or debit/credit card.