MELT at the Westfield Yoga Center

with Kerrie Bodendorf 

MELT Method Master Trainer 


Beginner MELT

A Three Week Series

Led by Kerrie Bodendorf

MELT Method Master Trainer


7:30 PM till 8:30 PM

March 19, March 26 & April 2, 2020

                         Series Summary
Week One – Focus on the MELT hand treatment, Re-balance Sequence and Neck Release Sequence to help with arthritis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, shoulder and neck pain as well as sleep issues and anxiety.
Week Two  - Focus on the MELT foot treatment and lower body compression sequence to help with plantar fasciitis, ankle, knee and low back pain.
Week Three - Focus on review of previous weeks and adding on to the sequences for greater relief of aches and pain. 

For more information on MELT contact Kerrie by email or

visit her website

Come to 1,2 or all 3 classes in the series but the first class is required if you are new to MELT

Beginner MELT Series Fees 

Members use their prepaid class packages
Eight class package members deduct $10 from their package for each class attended.
Sixteen class package members deduct $9 from their package for each class attended.
 Non-members pay $12 for each class attended**

You only pay for classes you attend, but pre-registration is requested.

**(A non-member can also pay a $30 fee for the three week Series)

MELT Beyond the Basics

for those with MELT experience

Weekly Ongoing Classes

Thursdays 11:00 AM to 12 noon

Thursdays 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Begins January 2, 2020

Drop-Ins Welcome

Learn more about Weekly Ongoing classes

MELT Beyond the Basics is a class for all levels of experienced MELTers. Notice changes in your body every time you MELT!  Attend this class regularly and continue to tap into the amazing healing potential your body already possesses! Those new to MELT should contact Kerrie Bodendorf - Master MELT Trainer ( for options available for beginner MELTers

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