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 Yoga for Beginners

This eight-week course serves as an introduction to the practice of Hatha yoga, which is the yoga of the body. Each class consists of being led through centering and warm-ups, performing basic postures and breathing techniques and being guided into a period of deep relaxation. The teacher provides verbal directions as well as physical demonstrations. You start where you are, there are no pre-requisites in terms of strength or flexibility. Modifications are suggested for those needing to adapt due to physical limitations or medical conditions.

                        AN EIGHT WEEK COURSE                            
                            Course Fee:  $80
                Pre-registration and Deposit Required. 
                    Classes are 1 1/4 hours long.
               Click here for Online Registration

~Added Bonus~
When the series ends, you will receive full credit for classes missed during the series (ie: $10 for each missed class). You may apply this credit for future yoga classes, or purchase merchandise at the Westfield Yoga Center "Yoga Mall".

At the Westfield Studio - 94 N Elm Street Suite 211, Westfield

   Start Date                   Day & Time                    Instructor        

     October 18th                Tuesday 7:30pm        Sally Barber

     October 22nd               Saturday 9:00am       Lorraine Brady
     November 10th          Thursday 7:30pm      Genea Crum

     November 14th            Monday 9:30am       
Genea Crum

November 15th             Tuesday 4:15pm        Jane DiSanto

November 15th            Tuesday 6:00pm        Sally Barber